"Memory is the perfume of the soul." George Sand

About the GuestBox

Why the GuestBox?

The GuestBox is a revolutionary idea that allows you to keep an unforgettable living memory of your event. Whether privately for your wedding, your birthday,... or professionally for a year-end dinner, a lounge, a conference,... the GuestBox will allow your guests to leave a personalized video message in a fun and original way.

With its touch screen and intuitive ergonomics, the GuestBox allows guests of all ages to use the camera freely and easily!

How does it work?

Don't worry. We handle the installation of the GuestBox at your event and we get it back after it ended.

A few days after your event, a movie containing all the video messages will be edited by our team on a customized DVD that will be sent to you by post. If desired, the movie can also be posted on our website so that your guests can find it out quickly. They are then notified by email as soon as the movie is available.

If some of your guests wish, we can send them a copy of the DVD so they can also keep track of this unforgettable living memory.

How much is it?

Please go to our "Pricing" section.

How to book the GuestBox?

Because large events need to be prepared well in advance, please book your GuestBox now.

Vous voulez voir un exemple d'utilisation de la GuestBox lors d'une soirée anniversaire ? Regarder le film